Why You Should Stand Up. Tips for a More Active Workday

Why You Should Stand Up. Tips for a More Active Workday 150 150 bellaireurgent

Why You Should Stand Up. Tips for a More Active Workday
What are the odds that you are seated while reading this? Well, you might want to stand up for this- turns out standing is healthy for you and me!

According to a recent study conducted by an Australian research firm, sitting down for long hours is hazardous and standing up in between your working sessions can mean the difference between a healthy you and an ailing you-stand up already!

It is a norm entrenched in us to work while working. We grew up looking at our mothers sitting down while getting things done at home, we sat all through our classes and chances are, you spend more than 90% of your time at work seated. Harmless as this sitting thing may look, uninterrupted sitting may increase the chances of you suffering from a number of serious diseases.

According to the study, people who sit for extended periods of time have a higher chance of suffering from diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and other related lifestyles diseases. Incredibly, standing up in between the work sessions, can tremendously reduce the chances of you coming face to face with these feared health hazards. But how exactly does standing up help?

How standing up helps you remain healthy

When we stand, we engage and work the numerous muscles in our legs, butt and in the abdomen. This movement of muscles consumes a lot of sugars and affects triglycerides in the body. Standing might not be the equivalent of working out but it sure does make a difference as it lowers cholesterol in the body keeping you safe.

So, how exactly should you increase the standing up habit? How do you break this unavoidable professional hazard of sitting down? Well, to help you remain active on the workday, we have put together tips on how to remain active during your workdays and reduces chances of suffering from lifestyle diseases. Here are the tips;

Tips for a More Active Workday

Consider buying a standing desk

If the nature of your work allows it- and most professions do, you should invest in a standing desk. Modern standing desks are designed to offer maximum comfort and ergonomics and you should consider buying one.

Using a standing desk means that you will spend very little time sitting down and you will remain active for the better part of the day. The desks come in varying heights and customizations and you should invest in one which perfectly suits your height and nature of work.

Set an alarm to remind you to walk around

If you are the forgetful type like I am, and you suspect that you cannot remember to stand up in between your working sessions, then consider setting an alarm on your phone to remind you to do so. Even if you are deeply engrossed in your work, once the alarm rings, you should take a walk around the office for a short break.

The interval of the alarm can be anything from half an hour to an hour. You can spend something like 3-5 minutes walking around the office and this will make a tremendous difference in your life.

Take the stairs

If your office has the option of an elevator and stairs, take the stairs at all times. Stairs are a handy way of remaining active in the office and you should take advantage of them at all times.

Engage your peers in the office face to face

A lot of office people prefer to make a call to their peers in the same building instead of taking a walk to their stations and talking to them face to face. Unless it is an urgent query that needs immediate addressing, you should always walk over and talk to them personally. You should however not overdo it as it can become counterproductive easily.

Push yourself to remain active

However many mobile applications you install on your mobile device to help you remain active and fit, if you are not committed to it, you’ll get very little success while at it. It is important to ensure that you push yourself at all times and remind yourself to be active at all times of the day.

Self-discipline is key to this. Instead of spending that extra 10 minutes scrolling through Twitter, stand up, take the stairs and go talk to a mate two floors above you. By nudging yourself and pushing yourself more, you’ll achieve incredible results.

Bellaire wants you fit and healthy

We, here at Bellaire Emergency Room, always advocate for healthy lifestyles and advise all our clients to remain as active as possible. Remaining active combined with a good diet, cannot only eliminate the need for going to workouts but will reduce the chances of suffering from sedentary lifestyle diseases.

If you need any help on how to remain fit, give us a call any day of the work or come down to our offices and we will gladly be of help to you.

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