Why be an emergency room nurse

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Why be an emergency room nurse
As a nursing student, a time will come when you will have to choose the most appropriate working place for you. Although fate sometimes dictates where you will end up, you sometimes have a choice on the most ideal place to offer your nursing services in and today, we want to give you a reason to work in an emergency room as a nurse.

Why be an emergency room nurse

Emergency rooms are some of the best places if not the ultimate place of work for ambitious nurses. The emergency room is fast paced, handles a plethora of medical conditions and is staffed by multidisciplinary emergency care experts making it perfect for any ambitious professional.

As such, there are very many benefits of working as an emergency room nurse and we want to review some of them and give you a reason why you should join other ambitious nurses working in emergency rooms;

Benefits of working as an emergency room nurse

Speed of service

The regular doctor’s office offers a steadier pace of work while the emergency room requires you to be always on your feet. The schedules in the regular doctor’s office are more consistent and you can almost predict what is going to happen. Rarely will you be required to attend to emergency unplanned for cases.

The emergency room on the other hand is a fast paced working environment with no dull moment. You can never anticipate what form of injury or medical condition is going to storm right through the door and this is quite thrilling.

This speed of service trains you to always be on your feet and manage your time properly. You will need to get everything done on time otherwise you will be caught up with time in your endeavors. This improves you even in your daily life and helps you to get things done right and in the shortest time possible.


The other perk of working as an emergency room doctor is that you will be required to be very sociable and be able to quickly and amicably communicate with not just the patients but the other practitioners within the ER.

Things go by in a flash and without proper coordination and communication between the relevant departments it is very easy for tragedy to arise. It therefore calls for ER nurses to be able to communicate well and effectively and those who work in ER hone these skills over time.

Minimal paperwork to deal with

If you are freaked out by records and the massive day to day paperwork, then you’d better apply to become an emergency room nurse. Nurses in the emergency room, handle very little or no paperwork at all.

Nurses working in a regular doctor’s office have to handle tons of paperwork and handle all matters pertaining insurance. In the ER your primary concern is helping the physician with administering medication and ushering in patients. Paperwork will be handled by someone else although you might be required from time to time to lend a helping hand.

Professional experience

The emergency room provides a better opportunity to work with various types of illnesses and injuries of different intensities. This means that you will need every bit of your medical expertise here in the emergency room. Dealing with that many medical conditions only serves to improve your expertise and medical experience.

In an emergency room you also get to interact with more professionals than in a doctor’s office. This interactions will help you understand how to correlate with these professionals and this will make your future nursing experience very easy.

The thrilling experience of saving lives

As earlier mentioned, there is never a dull moment in the ER. Whether you are rushing a patient to theatre or are waiting outside the ER to receive a patient being brought in by an ambulance, there really is never a dull moment in the ER.

The experience of working in the ER is thrilling and it is also very satiating knowing that you are saving lives, left, right and center. Nobody wants to work in a very boring, eventless environment with little or no action, or do you?

All in all, no work place is better than the other. The choice really depends on your interests and abilities. It is always wise to pick a specialty that challenges you and brings the best out you without becoming overly choosy. This way, you will enjoy a rewarding nursing career.

Emergency rooms like us here at Bellaire Emergency rooms are prime career destinations for ambitious nurses who are looking to advance their careers to the next level by serving the locals who need their skills and dedication. If you were undecided about your future in nursing, then consider working as an emergency room nurse and take your career to the next level.

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