Which Condition Is The Most Common In An Emergency Room?

Which Condition Is The Most Common In An Emergency Room? 150 150 Tony Guo

Which Condition Is The Most Common In An Emergency Room?

While many urgent care facilities treat a wide range of conditions, there are some that occur much more frequently. Most commonly, patients who visit an urgent care clinic will have experienced muscle strains, broken bones, and fractures due to sports or other physical activity. Patients suffering from serious abdominal pain will often seek out an urgent care center as well, since they aren’t a good fit for emergency rooms. If you have a condition that causes swelling in your limbs or if you find yourself having trouble breathing, then you should also head to an urgent care center rather than wait around for an ambulance. Without quality treatment options like these available near me , it can be difficult to get back on track with life as quickly as possible following an injury or illness.

Sometimes, you go to an urgent care center because your primary care doctor’s office is closed. For other patients, however, urgent care centers are their first point of contact with a medical professional. Either way, when you arrive at an urgent care center for any sort of medical treatment, you can expect certain things to happen before you see a physician or nurse practitioner. However, one of those components – waiting time – differs depending on why you’re there in the first place and what condition brought you in.

The most common condition brought to an emergency room is a sprained or broken ankle. There are approximately 1 million of these cases per year and they’re also one of the most expensive, too. According to what we found on Statistic Brain, treatment for a broken ankle averages around $9,000 and has been rising steadily over time. It’s not difficult to see why—if left untreated, you can lose mobility in your foot, experience chronic pain and even have difficulty walking if the fracture is severe enough. Make sure you know which urgent care clinics are in your area so that you can go there instead of waiting for hours at an ER to get treated.

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