What is an Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner?

What is an Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner? 150 150 bellaireurgent

What is an Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner?
What is an Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner? What are some of the responsibilities and duties of emergency room nurse practitioners? Why are E nurse practitioners very important in emergency medicine?

If you have gone to the emergency room, then you have obviously come across an ER nurse practitioner. These nurse practitioners are advanced-practice registered nurses who offer a holistic approach to patient care in emergency rooms and are trained to manage patients who are acutely ill or are in critical conditions.

In a layman’s language, a nurse practitioner is an advanced registered nurse with more expertise and experience in responding to emergencies. Having noted who nurse practitioners are, how does one become one? What are the educational prerequisites for one to become a nurse practitioner in the ER? Here is a look at the education and training requirements for one to become a nurse practitioner in an emergency room:

How to become a Nurse Practitioner

For one to become a nurse practitioner, he/she has to first of all complete an accredited nursing program and become a registered nurse. This may be achieved through holding a bachelor’s degree in nursing or an associate’s degree in nursing.

Once one is a registered nurse, then he/she must complete an accredited master’s degree or doctoral program for them to become full-fledged nurse practitioners. The transition from a registered nurse to a nurse practitioner takes some time because it is imperative for RNs to get valuable experience in emergency medicine before enrolling for the more advanced-degree program.

Actually, most institutions of higher learning, require that graduates have workplace experience before they can apply for masters. This prerequisite is aimed at ensuring that the graduates have garnered the much needed clinical experience and the day to day problem-solving skills. With this experience, it will be easier for the RN to transition to nurse practitioners.

Examination, Certification and Licensure

There are various bodies which are tasked with offering certificates to prospective Nurse Practitioners. The most common is the American Nurses Credentialing Center. To get certification from the ANCC, one doesn’t have to sit for an exam and the credentialing is done through portfolio assessment.

The other certification such as Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Neonatal Advanced Life Support might require sitting of an examination to ascertain the qualifications of the candidates.

Once the candidate has all the above mentioned certificates, he/she can then apply to the relevant state board for the work permit and license to work either in a public institution or in a private establishment.

Responsibilities and duties of an emergency room nurse practitioner

What does a typical emergency room nurse practitioner do on a daily basis? Emergency nurse practitioners have a plethora of responsibilities in and around the ER. Because of their qualifications, they are capable of handling a number of medical responsibilities and a lot is expected of them as a result.

Here are some of the most common duties and responsibilities of emergency nurse practitioners;


Emergency nurse practitioners are tasked with triaging the acuity of the various patients that come to the ER. They assess the conditions of the patients and award them medical priority subject to how severe their medical conditions are.

Diagnosing and prescribing

The Nurse Practitioners are also expected to diagnose various medical conditions and prescribe the relevant medicine.

Bedside procedures

Emergency nurse practitioners are still nurses and they are expected to carry out the traditional bedside nursing procedures in the emergency room. Some of these procedures include suturing, intubations, admitting patients, discharging patients and many other nursing responsibilities.

Interpreting diagnostic tests

As part of diagnosis of patient complications, nurse practitioners order and interpret diagnostic tests. Could be lab tests, x-ray tests, CT scans or any other form of diagnostic test. They are trained to interpret the tests and use them to offer treatment or refer the patients to specialists if the complications are beyond their medical jurisdiction.

Working with physicians to handle complex medical cases

Nurse practitioners collaborate with physicians to treat complex medical conditions. They are an integral part of complex surgeries and whenever the physician is away from the emergency room, they are capable of running the ER and treating the patients who come knocking.

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary

Emergency nurse practitioners are compensated very well. Depending on the state in which they work, emergency nurse practitioners can make anything between $99,099 and $118,631 every year. This means that a career as an emergency nurse practitioner is a rewarding one.

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