What are emergency services?

What are emergency services? 150 150 bellaireurgent

What are emergency services?
What are emergency services? What is the scope of services offered in the various emergency rooms in the country? What can emergency rooms comfortably handle? What are some of the things you expect to find in emergency rooms?

Emergency room services

Emergency rooms in America are equipped to offer a variety of medical services to unscheduled patients who need urgent medical attention, surgical procedures and/or acute care. Because of the varied nature of the complications that are reported in these emergency rooms, the Ers need to be equipped to handle as many medical conditions as possible. Here are some of the most common services which you are likely to find in a typical emergency room in America;


In consultation, a patient is carefully diagnosed by the attending physician to ascertain the condition the patient presents with. The diagnosis may entail simple procedures whereby the doctor physically examines the entire body to diagnose any underlying problem. The consultation can also involve the patient asking questions and clarifications on the various complications that he/she might be encountering in their daily life.

Laboratory tests and other diagnoses

The other service that is offered in emergency rooms, is diagnosis. Diagnosis in emergency rooms is most of the time done through laboratory tests for blood, stool or urine to ascertain the nature of infection or complication that the patient is suffering from.

In some, cases the diagnosis may involve complex procedures using MRIs and CT-scans to observe the internal body structure of the patient. The use of MRIs and CT- scans is used to get a clear picture of the ailing body parts under the vast skin obscured by the many organs in the way.

Treatment of the various complications on offer

Based on the outcomes of the initial tests, the medical practitioners in the emergency room will settle on the best treatment approach. There are very many complications which emergency rooms are capable of treating or managing. The type of treatment that any specific emergency room is capable of offering, depends on the level of medical advancement of the said emergency room and the professional qualifications of the personnel running the emergency room.

From simple infection treatment to treatment of complex life-threatening complications, emergency rooms are the true embodiment of jack of all trades. Be it a simple nagging flu or an asthma attack which is quickly leaving you lifeless, there merely exists a medical condition which an emergency room can treat or at the very least, manage symptoms and stabilize the patient.


Surgery is also a major component of emergency rooms, offering services on neurosurgery to patients with neurological conditions and orthopaedic surgery dealing with the musculoskeletal system. Emergency rooms also offer paediatric surgery to children and plastic surgery to repair worn out tissues and facilitate re-growth of new cells and tissues in case of certain injuries such as acute burns.

Baby delivery services

Emergency rooms also offer delivery services, the highly skilled physicians doing their best to ensure safety of both the baby and the mother. Most emergency rooms engage in community paramedic programs whereby they indirectly offer medical services vast extended regions to patients who are unable to physically access the hospital. The next time your wife, sister or friend is on the verge of breaking her water, do not hesitate to take her to the nearest emergency room for the best delivery services.

Referral to higher institutions of treatment

The other important medical obligation of emergency rooms, is to refer patients to higher medical institutions for specialized treatment. In the event that a patient admitted in an emergency room is in a critical condition and needs specialized treatment in another institution, the physicians therein, will not hesitate to refer the patient to the said institution after stabilizing them in the best possible way.

The ultimate role of emergency rooms is to provide care to patients. This is achieved by provision of medication that help stabilize them. However, in case the patient‘s condition deteriorates or the facility is unable to provide the necessary medical care needed by the patient, a transfer is arranged to facilitate proper treatment in the most appropriate institution.

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