What are Emergency Room Services?

What are Emergency Room Services? 150 150 bellaireurgent

What are Emergency Room Services?
What are Emergency Room Services?

When you have a medical emergency, you will require expert emergency services. Hospitals that have an emergency department have service providers and specialists that handle patients brought by ambulances, private autos, or helicopters that are critically injured or have trauma conditions. Emergency rooms are staffed with a team that is equipped to handle life-threatening emergencies such as strokes, serious accidents, acute chest pain, and acute abdominal pain among other emergencies. The staff at the ER is well prepared to help people in emergencies. ER facilities operate 24 hours a day seven days a week.

It is important that you only visit the ER when you have a life-threatening health issue, as you might need to plan for a long wait time if you do not have an emergency. In case you have a non-acute medical issue and you need to see the doctor, you can always visit other facilities such as urgent care centres or your primary doctor who are better utilized to offer you the care you need. When you arrive at the ER, the emergency team will look at your vital signs and categorize you according to the Emergency Severity Index. This index allows the staff to determine the patients who need immediate care.

What Are The Services Offered At The Emergency Room

Some of the services offered at emergency rooms include:

Trauma Treatment Services

The emergency room has a skilled team that offer medical services to trauma and shock patients. The trauma team may be made of neurosurgeons, general physicians, orthopedic, vascular, and cardiac physicians. These physicians work with specially trained nurses and other healthcare providers.

Examples of traumatic injuries include those sustained in gunshot wounds and those sustained in automobile or train accidents. These type of injuries will require a specialized medical team and the latest modern medical equipment.

The trauma team might also have pediatrics that evaluate children as well as adult trauma patients. The services offered might include stabilization services for major trauma patients. The facility should have beds that are cardiac monitored and special designed room for trauma adult and pediatric patients.

OB/GYN services

The ER facility will provide obstetrical and gynecological services to patients that need emergency services in these areas. The ER will have a full-time team of OB/GYN residents that are trained in handling obstetrical and gynecological patients.

Stroke Treatment Services

Emergency rooms offer lifesaving treatment for strokes victims. The rooms have experienced stroke physicians that will give treatment round the clock. Understanding the cause of the stroke is important for the team to efficiently do their job. Some of the symptoms you should look out for that might signify you are having a stroke include:

Difficult speaking
Sudden weakness
Sudden confusion

Heart Attack Treatment Services

One of the most important services offered by emergency room physicians is the treatment of heart attacks. For such patients, a trip to the ER could mean the difference between life and death. The facility might offer the treatment of segment elevation myocardial infarction that is a severe form of a heart attack caused by the clotting in one or more heart arteries. The unblocking of such a clot in the ER can save your life.

Anytime you suspect a heart attack you should call 911 or rush to the nearest ER. At the ER, they will be able to run the necessary tests and evaluate your heart.

Stitches On Deep Cut Wounds Treatment

An especially deep cut could mean your nerves or tendons are damaged. Heavy bleeding that won’t stop is always an emergency. The ER staff will clean out your wound and prevent infection. They will also stitch the wound to minimize scarring. They will also offer you a tetanus shot to prevent infection if you have not had one in the last five years.

Intense Abdominal Pain Treatment Services

If you are bending over due to abdominal pain, it can be due to appendicitis or an ovarian cyst. The sudden abdominal pain might be a sign of irritation in your stomach lining which can be a sign that something is seriously wrong. Always head to the ER if the pain comes suddenly or if it is getting worse. If the pain keeps you from walking, sitting, eating, and drinking visit the ER. Other symptoms to look out for include:

If you have pelvic pain on one side
If you have a fever and also start vomiting
If the pain is accompanied by loss of appetite or discomfort when you move

Migraine Treatment

Specialists at the ER will examine you if you have the worst headache. This might be a symptom of stroke, a ruptured aneurysm or it might mean you are bleeding within the brain. When you have a migraine you might not be able to speak clearly, you might fumble with your speech or have problems swallowing, movement or vision. All these are symptoms that could indicate a burst blood vessel or a blocked artery. The team at the ER will examine you and treat you accordingly.

When you need services at the emergency room you need a facility that is closer to you and one that will not keep you waiting. At Bellaire ER, we offer a superior level of emergency care provided by our experienced emergency-trained physicians. The equipment at our facility are modern and we treat each patient like family. If you need emergency services visit us for the best care.

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