Transportation to the OR (Operating Room)

Transportation to the OR (Operating Room) 150 150 Tony Guo
  • Transportation to the OR
    • Via stretcher or wheelchair
    • Communication “handoff”
      • Situation
        • J.D. is a 45 year-old female with history of breast biopsy positive for breast cancer. She is here today for a right breast lumpectomy to be performed by Dr. Evans.
      • Background
        • She has a family history of breast cancer and appeared anxious this morning, verbalizing this history and her own fears. She is married, with two daughters; her husband is here in the waiting area. She also has a history of hypertension, type 2 diabetes controlled with glipizide and diet.
      • Assessment
        • Her baseline vital signs were 36.8-78-122, 132/70. Her fasting blood glucose this morning was 82. She took her HCTZ, and held her glipizide, fish oil, and aspirin. Her right breast has been marked by Dr. Evans. Her IV, D5NS, is infusing at 100 mL/hr into her left hand.
      • Recommendation
        • J.D.’s IV antibiotic was started 5 minutes ago and is still infusing.
    • Caregivers directed to waiting room

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