The Three Eyeball Emergencies That Mean You Need to Seek Urgent Care

The Three Eyeball Emergencies That Mean You Need to Seek Urgent Care 150 150 Tony Guo

The Three Eyeball Emergencies That Mean You Need to Seek Urgent Care

You’re always on the lookout for an eye emergency if you’re an eye doctor, but there are actually three very specific eyeball emergencies that are so dangerous they could cause blindness if they’re not treated quickly. These conditions include conjunctivitis (pink eye), orbital cellulitis (an infection of the muscles and tissues surrounding the eye) and hyphema (blood in the front part of your eye, often due to trauma). This article details how to identify these conditions and what you should do if you suspect you or someone else has one.

Red Eyes
Eye redness or discharge can be a sign of an eye infection, which requires urgent treatment. If you see these symptoms, see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment. The quicker you get treated for a potentially blinding eye infection, like conjunctivitis, or an infectious disease affecting your eyes (like herpes simplex keratitis), which can cause scarring and permanent vision damage, the better chance you have of stopping it from progressing. According to Drs.

Discharge From Eyes
This can be a sign of either eye infection or conjunctivitis, commonly called pink eye. If you’re experiencing discharge from eyes along with redness, a foreign body sensation and pain, then you need to head to an urgent care center. It’s possible that you have a scratch on your cornea and may need antibiotic drops; in some cases, eyedrops are enough treatment. Itchiness: Noticing an itchy feeling on your eyes can mean several things.

Irritated Eyes
While conjunctivitis (commonly known as pink eye) is sometimes treated at home, red or irritated eyes that are accompanied by blurry vision, pain, or tearing may be a sign of something much more serious. If you think your red eyes are anything other than irritation from allergies or computer use, it’s best to get checked out.

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