Skin Cancer : Health promotion

Skin Cancer : Health promotion 150 150 Tony Guo

Health promotion

    • Avoiding environmental hazards
    • Adequate hygiene and good nutrition
    • Skin self-examination
    • Periodic professional exams for areas difficult to see
  • Environmental Hazards
    • Sun exposure
      • Ultraviolet (UV) rays-
        • UVA- tanning
        • UVB- sunburn
      • Other factors include high altitude, being in snow, and tanning booths
      • Sun safety
    • Irritants and allergens
    • Radiation
  • Sleep
    • Adequate rest increases the patient’s ability to tolerate itching, thereby decreasing skin damage from the resultant scratching
  • Exercise
    • Increases circulation and dilates the blood vessels
    • It’s psychologic effects can improve one’s appearance and mental outlook
  • Hygiene
    • The normal acidity of the skin and perspiration protect against bacterial overgrowth.
    • Most soaps are alkaline and neutralize the skin surface, leading to a loss of protection.
    • Skin and hair must be washed often enough to remove excess oil and excretions and to prevent odor.
    • Older persons should avoid harsh soaps and shampoos and frequent bathing because of the dryness of their skin and scalp.
  • Nutrition
    • Vitamin A: necessary for normal wound healing
    • Vitamin B complex: Essential for complex metabolic functions. Deficiencies of niacin and pyridoxine (B6) manifest as dermatologic symptoms such as erythema, bullae, and seborrhea-like lesions
    • Vitamin C: Essential for connective tissue formation and normal wound healing. Absence of vitamin C causes symptoms of scurvy such as bleeding gums
    • Vitamin D3: Essential for bone health
    • Vitamin K: Essential for synthesizing blood clotting factors

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