Preoperative Care

Preoperative Care 150 150 Tony Guo

Preoperative Care


  • The art and science of treating diseases, injuries, and deformities by operation and instrumentation
  • Performed for
    • Diagnosis
    • Cure
    • Palliation
    • Prevention
    • Cosmetic improvement
    • Exploration
  • Types of surgical settings
    • Elective surgery )planned event) vs. emergency surgery (may arise with unexpected urgency)
    • Inpatient
      • Same-day admission
    • Ambulatory (same day or outpatient)
  • Patient interview
    • Check documented information before interview
      • Avoids repetition
    • Occurs in advance of or on day of surgery
    • Purpose
      • Obtain health information, including drug and food allergies
      • Provide and clarify information about the surgery and anesthesia
      • Assess emotional state and readiness
      • Determine expectations

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