Nursing management : surgical site

Nursing management : surgical site 150 150 Tony Guo

Nursing management

  • Admitting patient
    • Reassessment
    • Last-minute questions
    • Review of chart
    • Review labs
    • Final questioning about valuables, prostheses, contacts, last intake of food/fluid
  • Basic aseptic technique
    • Center of sterile field is site of surgical incision
    • Only sterilized items in sterile field
    • Protective equipment
      • Face shields, caps, gloves, aprons, and eyewear
  • Preparing surgical site
    • Scrub or clean around the surgical site with antimicrobial agents
      • Use a circular motion from clean to dirty area
      • Allow to fully dry
    • Hair may be removed with clippers
    • Surgical site is draped
  • Preventing hypothermia
    • Closely monitor temperature
    • Apply warming blankets
    • Warm IV fluids

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