Nursing management : Surgery

Nursing management : Surgery 150 150 Tony Guo

Nursing management

  • Preoperative teaching
    • Patient has the right to know what to expect and how to participate
      • Increases patient satisfaction
      • Reduces fear, anxiety, stress, pain, and vomiting
    • Teach deep breathing, coughing, and early ambulation as appropriate
    • Inform if tubes, drains, monitoring devices, or special equipment will be used postoperatively
    • Provide surgery-specific information
  • Ambulatory surgery information
    • Basic information before arrival
      • Time and place
      • What to wear and bring
      • Responsible adult needed
      • Fluid and food restrictions
  • Legal preparation
    • Check that all required forms are signed and in chart
      • Informed consent
      • Blood transfusions
      • Advance directives
      • Power of attorney
    • Consent for surgery
      • Informed consent must include
        • Adequate disclosure
        • Understanding and comprehension
        • Voluntarily given consent
    • Surgeon responsible for obtaining consent
      • Nurse may witness signature
      • Verify patient has understanding
      • Permission may be withdrawn at any time
    • Legally appointed representative of family may consent if patient is
      • Minor
      • Unconscious
      • Mentally incompetent
    • Medical emergency may override need for consent
    • Immediate medical treatment needed to
      • Preserve life
      • Prevent serious impairment to life or limb

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