Nursing Diagnosis/ Outcome identification

Nursing Diagnosis/ Outcome identification 150 150 Tony Guo

Nursing Diagnosis/ Outcome identification

Ineffective Denial related to weak, underdeveloped ego

Outcome: Client will demonstrate acceptance of responsibility for own behavior and acknowledge association between personal problems and use of substance(s).

Ineffective Coping related to inadequate coping skills and weak ego

Outcome: Client will be able to demonstrate more adaptive coping mechanisms that can be used in stressful situations (instead of taking substances).

Imbalanced nutrition less than body requirements. / Fluid volume deficit related to drinking or taking drugs instead of eating.

Outcome: Client will be free from signs or symptoms of malnutrition/dehydration.

Risk for infection related to malnutrition and altered immune condition

Outcome: Shows no signs or symptoms of infection.

Chronic low self-esteem related to weak ego, lack of positive feedback

Outcome: Exhibits evidence of increased self-worth by attempting new projects without fear of failure and by demonstrating less defensive behavior toward others.

Deficient knowledge (effects of substance abuse on the body) related to denial of problems with substances evidenced by abuse of substances

Outcome: Verbalizes importance of abstaining from use of substances to maintain optimal wellness.

For the client withdrawing from C N S depressants

Risk for Injury related to C N S agitation

For the client withdrawing from C N S stimulants

Risk for suicide related to intense feelings of lassitude and depression, “crashing,” suicidal ideation

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