Myths vs Facts About Freestanding Emergency

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Myths vs Facts About Freestanding Emergency
Ever since they were absorbed into the mainstream health scene in the country, freestanding emergency rooms have revolutionized the way we receive medical services. Not only have they helped decongest hospitals but have brought emergency services closer to the people.

Despite all the positives that come with freestanding emergency rooms, there looms an air of uncertainty over their usage. Thanks to lack of information on what freestanding emergency rooms really are and myths propagated by unscrupulous media outlets. To help set the record straight over what freestanding emergency rooms really are, here is a look at the myths about the freestanding emergency rooms and the true facts about the same. For starters, what are freestanding emergency rooms?

Freestanding emergency rooms

Freestanding emergency rooms are medical emergency facilities which are structurally separate and distinct from a hospital but offer similar emergency care as a traditional emergency room. Depending on the ownership of the freestanding emergency room, it can either be a hospital outpatient department or an independent emergency center owned and run privately.

Here are some of the most common myths about freestanding emergency rooms and the facts which everyone needs to know about these lifesaving establishments;

Common Myths vs. Facts about Freestanding Emergency Rooms

Myth #1. Freestanding emergency rooms are all owned by hospitals

A lot of people think that all the freestanding emergency rooms in the country are owned and run by public hospitals. This is far from the truth as the fact below states

Fact- Although some hospitals own their own freestanding emergency rooms, it is not a prerequisite that all freestanding emergency rooms have to be owned and run by hospitals. A good number of emergency rooms in America, are privately owned and have no affiliation whatsoever to any hospital.

Myth #2. Freestanding emergency department is not regarded as an emergency room

There is a general belief that freestanding emergency departments are not legal emergency rooms and as such their service can’t be deemed as emergency per se!

Fact-Freestanding emergency departments are just as good if not better than emergency rooms. They are licensed by the various states to provide around the clock emergency care and are staffed by qualified medical personnel just like in a hospital’s emergency room.

Myth #3. Freestanding emergency departments charge higher for emergency services

A lot of people are skeptical when it comes to using freestanding emergency rooms because they have been brainwashed to believe that the services therein, are a notch higher than they should be.

Fact- Emergency departments offer services at competitive rates and they are not more expensive when compared to similar service providers. If anything, the services in these freestanding emergency rooms are a tad cheaper. You have to use them to believe this!

Myth #4. Freestanding emergency departments don’t accept all insurances

There is a ridiculous notion that freestanding emergency rooms don’t accept most of the medical insurance covers offered in the United States. This is far from the truth.

Fact- acceptance of medical insurance is subject to the management of the freestanding emergency room. It is up to the management to liaise with the various insurance companies to facilitate acceptance of the insurance cover in the emergency room. Having said this, it is important to note that most freestanding emergency departments accept most of the medical insurance covers offered in America- at-least here at Bellaire Emergency Room we do!

Myth #5. Freestanding emergency departments are not as equipped as urgent care centers

For years, the debate over which of urgent care centers and freestanding emergency department is best equipped, has been raging. A lot of people believe that freestanding emergency rooms are not as equipped as urgent care centers and are therefore not good enough for emergency services. Is this true though?

Fact- Freestanding emergency departments are staffed and equipped as well as urgent care centers. All good freestanding emergency departments are staffed by multidisciplinary emergency professionals who work using some of the best medical emergency equipment in the industry. As such, they are qualified and ready to respond to any medical emergency that walks through their door.

Myth #6. The waiting time in freestanding emergency departments is very long

If you, like many others, think that you are going to spend hours waiting in line to receive medical care from a freestanding emergency department, then you are very wrong.

Fact- Freestanding emergency departments have shorter waiting times than hospitals and even hospital emergency rooms. The average waiting time is less than ten minutes in most freestanding emergency rooms and you will therefore receive the care you need as soon as possible.

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