Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Quick and Easy Laboratory Services in Bellaire, TX

At urgent care, we are equipped with advanced, modern technology and an extensive in-house laboratory that allows us to run tests for a variety of different illnesses, diseases, and conditions, giving you emergency care in Bellaire. This can aid in the diagnosis and even treatment of your exact medical condition.

Advanced Laboratory Services in Bellaire

Urgent care is proud to offer the convenience of complete laboratory testing; our immediate care and medical clinic feature an extensive in-house laboratory capable of performing laboratory tests within minutes. After laboratory tests are performed on site, a physician reviews every result. Our laboratory is CLIA and COLA certified which means our emergency room in Bellaire, TX offers the qualities of safety, efficiency, compliance, and the best patient care in emergency care in Bellaire.

Our emergency care in Bellaire is happy to provide many laboratory services near you, including:

  • Complete blood cell counts
  • Complete metabolic profiles which include an electrolyte panel
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Urinalysis
  • Liver panel
  • Cardiac markers for heart failure or heart attack evaluation
  • Clotting evaluation for leg or lung clot formation
  • Flu, Strep, RSV, mono testing
  • Stool blood testing

What happens if I get worse and need to go to a major hospital?

If at any point during a patient’s stay, the physician feels they need to urgently administer a higher level of emergency care, patients can be transferred to any facility. Our staff will arrange the transfer from start to finish, including ambulance transport. Our staff is highly trained in this process to ensure a smooth transition. We will keep all family members up to date with the plan of emergency care near you.
So don’t worry about the level of care you need. Urgent care is especially equipped to take care of any illness, injury, or trauma in the Bellaire, Texas area and often has NO WAIT TIME.