Injury from car accidents

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Injury from car accidents

Car accidents are responsible for about 30,000 deaths in America each year. In fact, even a fender bender can cause trauma to your body, whether it’s from internal bleeding or broken bones. While you should absolutely still go to a hospital if you’re involved in an accident that causes serious injuries, it might be faster and more convenient to visit an urgent care center. Here are some of most common urgent care conditions related to car accidents

As you know, if a person has an injury that results in lacerations, broken bones or deep bruises, it may be necessary to go to an urgent care center for treatment. It’s also important to get checked out by a professional if you have severe headaches or nausea after being involved in a car accident. Your doctor can make sure there isn’t anything more serious happening with your body and make recommendations on how long you should avoid doing certain activities. The emergency room can be a very crowded place – especially on holidays – which is why many people choose urgent care as their first choice when looking for emergency medical treatment. Plus, it can save people a lot of money!

We’ve all seen a nasty car crash on television or in person. But how often do you think about how those victims are treated after? If you’re lucky, a nearby emergency room can patch you up and get you back to normal within 24 hours, but if your injuries require more attention than an ER can provide, then you might need to go somewhere else. When a physician isn’t available at your local ER, it’s time to visit an urgent care clinic for fast treatment and adequate follow-up care.

According to a recent report, there were over 6 million car accidents in 2016—that’s nearly 12,000 per day! While most injuries sustained in a car accident can be treated at home, sometimes you need urgent care treatment. If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident and are looking for urgent care near me, here are some of the common reasons why: Minor trauma: If you find yourself bruised up but nothing is broken and your cuts aren’t too deep (and you’re not experiencing any dizziness or loss of consciousness), an urgent care center may be able to take care of your minor trauma. Broken bones: Many types of broken bones can be treated without surgery at an urgent care center.

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