Implementation : HIV

Implementation : HIV 150 150 Tony Guo


  • Primary prevention and health promotion are the most effective strategies for diseases of a chronic nature including HIV
    • When prevention fails
      • Disease results
      • Early intervention is facilitated by health promotion practices
  • Health promotions
    • HIV infection is preventable
      • Avoid risky behaviors
      • Modify risky behaviors
      • Candid, culturally sensitive, language- appropriate, age-specific information and behavior change counseling
  • Prevention of HIV
    • Decreasing risks: Sexual intercourse
      • Abstinence
      • Noncontact safe sex
      • Use of barriers
    • Decreasing risks: Drug use
      • Do not use drugs
      • Do not share equipment
      • Do not have sexual intercourse under the influence of any impairing substance
      • Refer for help with substance use
    • Decreasing risks: Perinatal transmission
      • Family planning
      • Prevent HIV in women
      • Appropriately medicate HIV-infected pregnant women
    • Decreasing risk:  Work
      • Adhere to precautions and safety measures to avoid exposure
      • Report all exposures for timely treatment and counseling
      • Post-exposure prophylaxis with combination ART can significantly decrease risk of infection

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