How to Get the Most Out of Medical Lab Services

How to Get the Most Out of Medical Lab Services 150 150 bellaireurgent

How to Get the Most Out of Medical Lab Services
Which convenient lab should you choose to run your medical tests? Obviously, you want the best services, that save you money and time.

All laboratories strive to achieve the most accurate results, but they are not all equal. There are a variety of labs, ranging from small clinics, academic centers, referrals, to specialty pathology labs. Larger capacity labs offer an increase in the variety of tests. Expert laboratories provide the added advice needed to improve the accuracy of a physician’s diagnosis.

Medical Lab Certification
Before you settle on any lab, make sure it is a reputable facility. Advanced laboratory services at Bellaire ER are CLIA and COLA certified which means our Houston, TX emergency room offers safety, efficiency, compliance, and top-notch patient care.

Specialized Medical Lab Services
You can depend on professional high-tech lab staff that is licensed and qualified to provide the quantitative reports of their findings. Therefore, your reputation solutions and patient’s concerns can be easily mapped out easily. Individualized lab services guarantee:

Prompt and accurate results
Are adaptable to the ever-changing field of medicine
Offer comprehensive methods of lab reporting
In addition, you can select which tests are performed and how they are conducted with customized lab services. You can also receive approved quantitative reports.

Be sure to confirm how quickly a lab will complete tests. Medical laboratory tests are more valuable if the results are promptly received. It is common for routine outpatient testing to get back to the doctor within a 24-hour turnaround. Specialty tests take later, several days or up to a few weeks.

All-Inclusive Medical Lab Services

Complete laboratory testing in Houston’s state-of-the-art extensive in-house laboratory. Bellaire services include:

Flu, Strep, RSV, mono testing
Liver Panel
Pregnancy Testing
Routine Histologic Interpretation of Biopsies and Excision Specimens
Surgical Pathology Analysis
Testing for Insurance and Employment Options
Virology tests
A Single Lab for Your Tests
One lab that covers all the tests is a rare find. But it is important to use the same lab consistently and repeatedly. For example, if you can consolidate all your results into one simple to review volume, this will make for trouble-free follow up. If any error is made or if something goes wrong with a test, lab personnel can easily make a correction before the results are reported, especially for monitored conditions.

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