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As most people know, accidents happen. A fall on your wrist from a ladder or simply tripping down your front steps can lead to an injury that requires urgent care. A wrist fracture, for example, is a break in one of more of your bones in your hand or wrist. It’s different from a sprain—which occurs when ligaments get overstretched and injured—but both types of injuries may require urgent care treatment to avoid pain and ensure speedy recovery. Fractures are typically caused by falls or car accidents but can also be caused by osteoporosis or age-related changes in bone density. Regardless of their cause, they’re painful and should be treated immediately at an urgent care center near you so that proper healing can occur faster than if left untreated.

One of the more common urgent care conditions is a broken bone. Sometimes fractures occur after an accident, but they may also be caused by normal wear and tear on your body as you age. A broken bone may be a serious injury, but it’s not always life-threatening. It just means that you will need to follow up with your regular doctor for treatment and any possible follow-up surgeries. A fractured bone can also be hard to treat because of its location in your body or because other bones are also affected by breakage, making it harder for doctors to operate safely.

A broken bone—whether it’s a fracture, break, or crack in a bone—is no laughing matter. A fracture can cause pain and immobility, which can be dangerous if your injury is serious enough. Treatment varies depending on how bad your fracture is, but regardless of severity you should seek medical attention for all fractures immediately. If you aren’t sure whether or not to go to urgent care for an injury, check out these five signs that make it clear you need to get to urgent care.

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