Evaluation : Inflammatory Brain Disorder

Evaluation : Inflammatory Brain Disorder 150 150 Tony Guo


  • Patient will
    • Demonstrate appropriate cognitive function
    • Be oriented to person, place, and time
    • Maintain body temperature within normal range
    • Report satisfaction with pain control
  • As a nurse, since bacterial meningitis is very contagious and potentially a fatal infection, Universal precautions should ALWAYS be in place – you have the right to implement more conservative care (respiratory isolation) at any time as a professional nurse.

Viral Meningitis

  • Most common causes are enterovirus, arbovirus, HIV, and HSV
    • Most often spread through direct contact with respiratory secretions
  • Usually presents as headache, fever, photophobia, and stiff neck
    • Fever may be moderate or high
  • Diagnostic testing of CSF
    • Rapid diagnosis with Xpert EV test
      • Sample of CSF is evaluated for enterovirus
      • Results available within hours
    • PCR to detect viral-specific DNA/RNA
  • Treat with antibiotics after obtaining diagnostic sample but before receiving test results
    • Symptomatic management
    • Disease is self-limiting
    • Full recovery expected

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