Cultural Competence : Nursing Outline

Cultural Competence : Nursing Outline 150 150 Tony Guo

Cultural Competence

  • Ability to understand, appreciate,  and work with individuals from cultures other than your own
  • Four components
    • Cultural awareness
      • Involves self-awareness for the nurse, examining personal attitudes related to various aspects of culture, to identify possible bias
      • Identify your own cultural background, values, and beliefs, especially as related to health and health care.
    • Cultural knowledge
      • Process of learning key aspects of a group’s culture, especially as it relates to health and health care practices
      • Learn basic general information about predominant cultural groups in your geographic area.
      • Assess patients for presence or absence of cultural traits based on an understanding of generalizations about a cultural group.
      • Do not make assumptions based on cultural background because the degree of acculturation varies among individuals.
    • Cultural skill
      • Ability to collect relevant cultural data
      • Be alert for unexpected responses with patients, especially as related to cultural issues.
    • Cultural encounter
      • Direct cross-cultural interactions between people from culturally diverse backgrounds
      • Create opportunities to interact with predominant cultural groups.

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