Communication impairment

Communication impairment 150 150 Tony Guo
  • Communication impairment
    • Autism spectrum disorders (ASD)
      • Neurodevelopmental disorders
      • Etiology—Unknown
      • Clinical manifestations and diagnostic evaluation
        • Deficits in social interactions, communication, and behavior
      • Prognosis
        • Can be improved or overcome
      • Care Management
        • Interprofessional care
        • Family support
        • Severely disabling condition
          • No cure for autism
        • Some improvement with language skills
        • Numerous therapies used
          • Recognize early
          • Attempt behavior modification
          • Provide a structured routine
          • Decrease unacceptable behavior
        • Autism often becomes a family disease
        • Frequently parents express guilt and shame
        • Stress importance of family counseling
        • Autism Society of America is good source of information 
        • Clients should be managed at home or in long-term placement facility

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