Codependency : The Codependent Nurse

Codependency : The Codependent Nurse 150 150 Tony Guo


  • Defined by dysfunctional behaviors that are evident among members of the family of a chemically dependent person, or among family members who harbor secrets of physical or emotional abuse, other cruelties, or pathological conditions
  • Codependent people sacrifice their own needs for the fulfillment of others to achieve a sense of control.
  • Derives self-worth from others
  • Feels responsible for the happiness of others
  • Commonly denies that problems exist
  • Keeps feelings in control, and often releases anxiety in the form of stress-related illnesses, or compulsive behaviors such as eating, spending, working, or use of substances

The Codependent Nurse

  • Classic characteristics
    • Caretaking
    • Perfectionism
    • Denial
    • Poor communication

Treating Codependence

  • Recovery process
    • Survival stage
    • Re-identification stage
    • Core issues stage
    • Reintegration stage

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