Can emergency room give cortisone?

Can emergency room give cortisone? 150 150 bellaireurgent

Can emergency room give cortisone?
Can emergency room give cortisone? This is a common question which surfaces in online medical platforms and forums. Why is there a lot of controversy surrounding cortisone? Why does a cortisone shot have such a mix reputation? We take a look at what cortisone is, its benefits, side effects, controversy surrounding and most importantly if you can get a shot in a hospital.


Cortisone is a very strong steroid whose primary medical purpose is to reduce any inflammation and relieve pain. People suffering from both superficial and underlying inflammations of the skin and joints, look to cortisone for much needed reprieve.

Cortisone is commonly used to treat patients who have pain and inflammation which is as a result of infections such as bursitis, pseudo gout, arthritis and other infections. When used to suppress the pain caused by any of the above mentioned conditions, cortisone will control the inflammation and eventually the pain caused by the earlier inflammation will dissipate bringing forth the much needed relieve.

Now that cortisone looks and sounds like a lifesaver, why does it have such a mixed reputation? Why is there so much controversy surrounding its administration and usage? We take a look at the side effects of overusing cortisone and why it evokes mixed feelings in those who have used it in the past;

Why cortisone is so controversial

Although cortisone is well known for its pain- relieving exploits, it has to be noted that it equally causes quite a lot of controversy because of the many side effects associated with it. Here are some of the most common reasons why cortisone is infamous;

Side effects of cortisone use

Weakening of tendons

Because Cortisone is predominantly used to treat joint pains and inflammations, there is always a risk of injuring a tendon when the injection is being administered. Frequent cortisone injections make the tendon weaker and over time, the tendon degenerates through a medical condition referred to as tendinitis. It is therefore important to limit the number of injections as possible and space them out by months or even a year to avoid affecting the joint tendons.

Cortisone causes very painful flares

The other reason why people deem cortisone to be very controversial as a pain killer, is the surging pain which is experienced immediately after the injection is administered. If anything, this resulting flare is more painful than the original pain resulting from the inflammation.

Although the pain doesn’t last for long, it is very painful and if one can’t withstand such high magnitudes of pain, it will be very difficult for them to agree to get a similar injection in future.

Over-reliance has detrimental effects

Sportsmen often overuse cortisone to ease pain in their joint and this has been found to have detrimental health effects. Over a period of time, the cortisone ceases easing the pain and the body no longer responds to its introduction in the injured or inflamed area.

As such, it goes without saying that cortisone should be judiciously used and only administered by a qualified medical practitioner with the relevant expertise and experience. Failure to which one will incur very severe side effect.

So, having looked at the benefits of cortisone and its not-so-good side, can one get a cortisone shot in an emergency room?

Can emergency room give cortisone shot?

The answer is yes, emergency rooms can competently offer cortisone to the patients who need it. Its administration will however depend on a number of things. Before an emergency room practitioner gives a cortisone shot, he/she will have to be certain of the exact cause of the inflammation/pain, find out if the patient has had prior injections and whether cortisone has any known side effects on that particular patient.

If the practitioner establishes that it is safe to administer the injection, he/she will then clean the affected region with a disinfectant, ask the patient to relax his/her muscles to make administration of the injection easy and then he/she will carefully administer the shot.

In some complicated cases, Ultrasound Imaging is used to make it easier for the practitioner to administer the shot easily without injuring crucial tendons in the joint. This is always the most recommended means of administering the injection because the stakes involved are very high and room for error is very minimal.

Ensure you get the injection from a qualified practitioner

It is advisable to ensure that you only get a cortisone injection from a qualified practitioner in a recognized medical institution. However painful your inflammation may get, you shouldn’t try to administer the injection yourself-the stakes are too high.

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