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How to Find an Emergency Room for Pinkeye
How to Find an Emergency Room for Pinkeye 150 150 bellaireurgent

How to Find an Emergency Room for Pinkeye
How to Find an Emergency Room for Pinkeye

If you have never suffered pink eye, then you must know someone who has had the condition. Pink eye is the reddening or swelling of the conjunctiva, the mucous membrane that covers the eye. The membrane is usually clear but if there is an infection, it turns red and swollen. The condition is the cause of millions of visits to ERs such as Bellaire ER. If you have pink eye, you may want to know how to find the ER, especially if you are new to an area. Here are a few tips you can use. However, let us first talk about when you can go to the ER for pink eye.

A Weak Immune System

If your immunity has already been compromised due to something like HIV, you should not hesitate to visit the ER. The pink eye could get out of hand quite fast and even cause you to lose an eye due to the weak immunity.

Moderate to strong pain

In normal cases, pink eye only gives you a slight irritation. However, if the pain becomes mild and continues to increase, you might want to go to the ER. It might be a sign that important structures of the eye have been compromised. Visiting the ER could help to save your eye.

A Child

In children, you can never tell if the situation will get worse or improve with time. However, if your child develops pink or pinkeye like symptoms, it is best to visit the ER. What looks like pinkeye to you may turn out to be something worse. For instance, the child may have suffered physical trauma. Since they cannot speak, it is always best to visit the ER to be sure.

Pre-Existing Conditions

If you already had a problem with your eyes, the pinkeye could significantly worsen the situation. As a result, you should rush to the ER if you develop pinkeye. The pinkeye could make your eye condition worse.

Blurred Vision

In most cases, the pink eye just causes your eye to become itchy. However, it does not usually cause any loss of vision. If you notice that you are starting to lose your vision because of the pinkeye, you need to visit the ER.

How do you find an ER for pinkeye?

If you meet the above criteria, here are tips for visiting the ER.

Have at least two numbers for an ER beforehand

Trying to find an ER during an emergency can prove quite stressful. It is thus important that you have some numbers with you in case of an emergency. This way, you will be able to call before you get to the ER. For one, they will be able to prepare for your arrival. Besides that, those at the ER will also be able to know if the ER will be able to handle your case. If they are busy, they could advise you to go find another ER. This way, you do not waste any time as you are seeking treatment at the ER.

Bookmark the ER’s Site

Besides having the contact information, you should ensure that you bookmark those ER’s sites that are near you. This way, if a pinkeye emergency ever arises, you will be able to quickly visit the site and find out the exact location. This is much easier than trying to search the internet once an emergency has already arisen. Most websites owned by ER’s will have reliable information on how you can find them. This way, you can be able to get there in the least amount of time.

Call an Ambulance

An ambulance will not just ensure that you get medical assistance while still at home; it will also get you to the ER in good time. This is because the siren means that the ambulance will have right of way. The EMTs will get you to an ER even if you do not know where one may be located. However, be careful about using this option. If the ER concludes that you should not have used the ambulance, you might have to pay out of pocket.

Utilize Google maps

If you are in an unfamiliar area, the search for a nearby ER can be made quite easy if you have Google maps. In fact, Google maps will even guide you to the exact location, if you have GPS enabled. In fact, the application will even give you real-time traffic information to help you make the best choice.

Talk to Siri

Siri or any other voice-activated assistant can prove quite useful in getting you to your destination. It is especially when you are multitasking and do not have time to sit down and do a thorough search.

While everyone hopes that, he or she will never need an ER, knowing where to find one is always important. These tips should prove quite helpful.

How to Find an Emergency Room near Me
How to Find an Emergency Room near Me 150 150 bellaireurgent

How to Find an Emergency Room near Me
How to Find an Emergency Room near Me

Given that one can never predict when or where an accident will happen, it is important that in the event one happens, the affected person is rushed to the Emergency Room as fast as possible. Knowing the locations of the nearest urgent care centers can go a long way in ensuring that the person is rushed fast to the hospital and potential harm to them averted. The main challenge usually is knowing where the nearest Emergency Room is. This article provides a guide on how to find an Emergency Room near you as fast as possible.

The most reliable way to find information on locations of Emergency Care centers is the internet. But this resource has to be utilized in a good way in order for one to get the right information. There are a number of search engines that one can use to find Emergency Rooms nearby. When using these search engines, you should remember to:

1. Specify your exact location in your search phrases

Don’t generalize your search phrase. Being too general when writing your search phrase can make things a little harder for you instead of helping you. Instead of using general phrases like “Emergency Rooms near me”, use a more specific phase. You can use the search phrase “Emergency Room in Bellaire” instead. If you know the name of your exact location, you can include that in your search phrase. Being specific in your search phrase will help you access more useful and reliable results. Using a specific search phrase combined with the tool that allows search engines to provide results relevant to one’s location will help you find an ER fast.

2. Online directories

These days directories are, also, found online. Online resources are available in plenty online and they contain all the information you would need to help you access an emergency room near you much faster. You, however, should be a bit careful when using online directories. Some of them usually contain information that is outdated hence unreliable.

3. Use mobile apps like Google maps or any other mapping software

Advancement in technology and the use of the internet has led to the creation of millions of apps and software. Among them are mapping mobile apps and software that can help you find the locations and the directions of places. One of such resources is the Google maps application. The app is able to pinpoint your location and the location of all the nearby Emergency Rooms. To make things even better, the app will show you the different routes you can use and calculate an estimate of the time you should expect to spend getting to the emergency room nearby using the different roots available.

4. Ask directions from local people

Mobile devices and the internet are a great resource when trying to locate an Emergency Room near you. However, they may not always be reliable. Sometimes your device may be low on power or the location you are in may not have a reliable internet connection to allow you to use the different mapping apps or access online directories. In such cases, it is wise to inquire from the locals the old school way. Just ask a person passing by of how you can get to the nearest Emergency Room in that area.

Sites you can use to locate Emergency Rooms

This is one of the sites you can use to find an Emergency Room easily. In the site, you will find a list of all the states in the United States. You will begin by selecting the state you are in. The site will direct you to another page that lists all the cities and towns in that state. You will select your city or town after which, you will be directed to another site containing a list of all the Emergency Rooms in that area. You will select the ER closes to where you are and get more information about it.

The site is pretty simple and easy to use.

ER Near Me

ER Near Me is another site that you can use to easily find an Emergency Room near you. The site is pretty straightforward. Once you get to the site, there are various options presented to you. Among these options is the “Emergency Medical Care near Me” option. Click on it and follow the instructions on the site. This should be able to provide you with reliable ER options near you and important information about them.

One of the most reliable and most effective Emergency Care centers in the United States is the Bellaire ER. Located at 5302 Bellaire Blvd, Bellaire, Texas, our emergency room is dedicated to offering our patients admissions, diagnosis, imaging services, and treatment, among others, of the highest quality possible. Our team of physicians are knowledgeable and with an average work experience of 15 years. We have adequate equipment to serve all our patients comfortable and friendly staff that is always ready to attend to your needs. You can visit us or call us for quality services you can also check in online.

What are Emergency Room Services?
What are Emergency Room Services? 150 150 bellaireurgent

What are Emergency Room Services?
What are Emergency Room Services?

When you have a medical emergency, you will require expert emergency services. Hospitals that have an emergency department have service providers and specialists that handle patients brought by ambulances, private autos, or helicopters that are critically injured or have trauma conditions. Emergency rooms are staffed with a team that is equipped to handle life-threatening emergencies such as strokes, serious accidents, acute chest pain, and acute abdominal pain among other emergencies. The staff at the ER is well prepared to help people in emergencies. ER facilities operate 24 hours a day seven days a week.

It is important that you only visit the ER when you have a life-threatening health issue, as you might need to plan for a long wait time if you do not have an emergency. In case you have a non-acute medical issue and you need to see the doctor, you can always visit other facilities such as urgent care centres or your primary doctor who are better utilized to offer you the care you need. When you arrive at the ER, the emergency team will look at your vital signs and categorize you according to the Emergency Severity Index. This index allows the staff to determine the patients who need immediate care.

What Are The Services Offered At The Emergency Room

Some of the services offered at emergency rooms include:

Trauma Treatment Services

The emergency room has a skilled team that offer medical services to trauma and shock patients. The trauma team may be made of neurosurgeons, general physicians, orthopedic, vascular, and cardiac physicians. These physicians work with specially trained nurses and other healthcare providers.

Examples of traumatic injuries include those sustained in gunshot wounds and those sustained in automobile or train accidents. These type of injuries will require a specialized medical team and the latest modern medical equipment.

The trauma team might also have pediatrics that evaluate children as well as adult trauma patients. The services offered might include stabilization services for major trauma patients. The facility should have beds that are cardiac monitored and special designed room for trauma adult and pediatric patients.

OB/GYN services

The ER facility will provide obstetrical and gynecological services to patients that need emergency services in these areas. The ER will have a full-time team of OB/GYN residents that are trained in handling obstetrical and gynecological patients.

Stroke Treatment Services

Emergency rooms offer lifesaving treatment for strokes victims. The rooms have experienced stroke physicians that will give treatment round the clock. Understanding the cause of the stroke is important for the team to efficiently do their job. Some of the symptoms you should look out for that might signify you are having a stroke include:

Difficult speaking
Sudden weakness
Sudden confusion

Heart Attack Treatment Services

One of the most important services offered by emergency room physicians is the treatment of heart attacks. For such patients, a trip to the ER could mean the difference between life and death. The facility might offer the treatment of segment elevation myocardial infarction that is a severe form of a heart attack caused by the clotting in one or more heart arteries. The unblocking of such a clot in the ER can save your life.

Anytime you suspect a heart attack you should call 911 or rush to the nearest ER. At the ER, they will be able to run the necessary tests and evaluate your heart.

Stitches On Deep Cut Wounds Treatment

An especially deep cut could mean your nerves or tendons are damaged. Heavy bleeding that won’t stop is always an emergency. The ER staff will clean out your wound and prevent infection. They will also stitch the wound to minimize scarring. They will also offer you a tetanus shot to prevent infection if you have not had one in the last five years.

Intense Abdominal Pain Treatment Services

If you are bending over due to abdominal pain, it can be due to appendicitis or an ovarian cyst. The sudden abdominal pain might be a sign of irritation in your stomach lining which can be a sign that something is seriously wrong. Always head to the ER if the pain comes suddenly or if it is getting worse. If the pain keeps you from walking, sitting, eating, and drinking visit the ER. Other symptoms to look out for include:

If you have pelvic pain on one side
If you have a fever and also start vomiting
If the pain is accompanied by loss of appetite or discomfort when you move

Migraine Treatment

Specialists at the ER will examine you if you have the worst headache. This might be a symptom of stroke, a ruptured aneurysm or it might mean you are bleeding within the brain. When you have a migraine you might not be able to speak clearly, you might fumble with your speech or have problems swallowing, movement or vision. All these are symptoms that could indicate a burst blood vessel or a blocked artery. The team at the ER will examine you and treat you accordingly.

When you need services at the emergency room you need a facility that is closer to you and one that will not keep you waiting. At Bellaire ER, we offer a superior level of emergency care provided by our experienced emergency-trained physicians. The equipment at our facility are modern and we treat each patient like family. If you need emergency services visit us for the best care.

Which Emergency Room Should I go to?
Which Emergency Room Should I go to? 150 150 bellaireurgent

Which Emergency Room Should I go to?
Which Emergency Room Should I go to?

In the world of Emergency Rooms, you have the choice to pick between a freestanding emergency room or a hospital attached emergency room. Both of these emergency rooms offer a high quality of care. They usually make use of high-end technology to ensure that patients get the best level of care. Both of these ERs are designed to handle the same types of emergency cases. Besides that, both of them operate on a 24/7 basis.

In fact, there is a law that demands a freestanding ER remains open 24/7. Besides that, there must always be a doctor on site and everyone has to get medical screening whether he or she can afford to pay or not.

Thus, you can be sure that a freestanding and a hospital ER are usually quite similar. You are able to get benefits of emergency care at both of them, which could be the difference between life and death for some. The main difference that these facilities have is that a freestanding ER is not attached to any hospital, unlike the hospital ER.

However, there is a bit of a difference. For one, when it comes to location, the hospital ER is limited to a specific area of the city. Besides that, there is the issue of the immediacy of care you can get.

A hospital ER can sometimes be quite far from the patient’s home. Besides that, many people usually populate a hospital ER. Thus, this can cause delays when it comes to offering life-saving emergency care.

On the other hand, a freestanding ER will be located in a convenient location. In some cases, you can even find a free-standing ER located close to a shopping center. This makes it easy for many people to visit. Besides that, they can offer care that is a bit faster since the lines are not as long as those at a hospital ER.

A good example of a freestanding emergency room is the Bellaire ER. This emergency room has all the technology and services that you would find in a hospital ER. At the ER, you can be treated for any emergency case whether you are a child, adult, or elderly person.

A good benefit of going to a freestanding ER is the convenience of wait times and cost savings. At the ER, you will get to access flexible payment options. This means that even with a high bill, you do not become bankrupt just because you fell sick. You will find technicians and doctors who are trained to deal with your case 24/7. The team at the Bellaire ER knows that every moment is precious and they work to ensure that it counts.

A Few More Differences Between Free Standing and Hospital ERs

The Wait Time

A crowded waiting room is the last thing you want to see when you have a medical emergency. The hospital ER is usually slow and overcrowded because that is where most patients go for care. On average, the hospital ER patients could wait as much as 20 times more. However, when you are having an emergency, 20 minutes might be all it takes to make a difference. The freestanding ERs usually strive to ensure that there is virtually no wait time. In most cases, it will never take beyond 20 minutes to get the medical attention you need.

Diagnostic Tests

In a traditional hospital, they may have a testing lab but keep in mind that the same lab carries out tests for everyone there. Thus, you will have to wait in line with patients from other areas of the hospital for CT scans, blood work, and much more. These delays during an emergency can feel like forever.

An ER will have an in-house laboratory, which only handles emergency cases. Thus, you will not have to wait so long for the test results. Besides that, the staff has experience in handling only emergency cases. It means that you can get a diagnosis fast, which could help to reduce your suffering or even save your life.

Patient Care

At a hospital ER, numerous medical experts, who have little time to converse with you, may see you. This often leads to unnecessary tests. In some case, it even leads to unwarranted hospital admissions.

This is different at a freestanding ER; only board-certified ER doctors will see you. In most cases, you will only get to interact with one ER physician plus the triage nurse. These experts take time to ensure that you get the best possible emergency care. They will usually have time to converse with you.

During that time, you can get some facts and learn more about your medical situation. Since they often deal with emergency case often, they know which tests to go for and what symptoms to check. This can help to minimize the need for numerous unnecessary tests.


This comparison of the two types of emergency rooms should assist you to choose which ER you should visit, the next time an emergency arises.

Are emergency room doctors good?
Are emergency room doctors good? 150 150 bellaireurgent

Are emergency room doctors good?
Are emergency room doctors good? Are ER doctors worth trusting? Are ER doctors any different from the doctors in conventional hospitals? Well, these are some of the questions that our patients here at Bellaire Emergency Room and we thought it wise to address the same in this blog post.

Are emergency room doctors good?

For starters, what quantifies a good doctor? What separates the chaff from the grain when it comes to differentiating between a good doctor and a rogue con that should be avoided at all costs? Well, there are very many attributes which one can use to judge the conduct of a doctor and conclude whether they make the cut or not. Here is a classification of the main attributes that should help you identify a good doctor from a not-so good rogue con;

Professional Qualifications

This is obviously the most important thing when it comes to sieving qualified professionals from the wannabes. Any doctor, be it an emergency room doctor or a doctor plying his trade in a conventional medical center, needs to have the relevant professional qualifications.

To become a doctor, one needs to excel in academics and undergo rigorous training in the relevant fields. One must pass all the relevant exams and satisfy the board of examiners that he/she has truly attained the skills and repertoire to practice medicine.


The other very important aspect that is used to weigh a doctor’s appropriateness to practice medicine in their respective fields, is their morals. Without morals, all the professional achievements and qualifications, equate to naught.

Just like in all professions, there is a code of conduct and ethics which guide doctors on the dos and don’ts. These are passed on from the instructors and lecturers in school. Beyond abiding by these professional ethics, good doctors need to have their own personal dignity and standards of behavior to scruple from indulging in any unprofessional acts.


The other important attribute that a good doctor needs to have within him/her is the art of sociability. Sociability in the sense that they need to be able to easily and seamlessly interact with their patients and workmates for the better of the former.

Medicine is not a profession for the extremely introverted or feint-hearted individuals. It is a profession that needs one to be in constant communication with other people and without good social skills, it is very easy for one to falter and fall in the dreaded category of bad doctors.

Proactive advocacy for patients and mentor other peers

At all times, a good doctors to be a proactive advocate for his/her patient and have an amicable relationship with his/her working mates. Doctors need to offer support not just to the patient but the patient’s family as well.

On mentoring fellow peers, a good doctor needs to be able to help other health professionals when need arises and also be willing to learn for others within the medical sphere.

So are emergency room doctors good?

Having looked at the attributes that make a good doctors, do our emergency room doctors fall into this admirable category? The answer is yes! Emergency rooms are some of the best, if not the best general physicians out there. Here are just but some of the reasons why emergency room doctors are regarded as some of the best;

Reasons why Emergency Room Doctors are good


Unlike most doctors who specialize in a specific area, emergency room doctors have diversified their service delivery and are able to offer more than one type of service to their patients. Since they are never sure of the next complication that walk through their doors, they need to be to be prepared to handle a good number of the common emergencies which people encounter in life.


Unlike other doctors who have their offices and can schedule their appointments with patients, emergency room doctors don’t have the benefit of choosing the right time to be in office and when to go for sundowners. As such, they are always prepared to respond to emergencies and are almost ever-available when called upon.

Great repertoire

As far as medical practitioners are concerned, there is no category that has as good a reputation as emergency room doctors. Thanks to their life-saving exploits, most patients regard them as demigods. They have earned themselves a very palatable reputation and it is not surprising that every year, the number of emergency room visits to emergency rooms across the country is burgeoning.

Amicable relationships with work mates

Without cordial working relationships with fellow emergency room staff, emergency room doctors wouldn’t be able to save the many lives that they save every year. This goes to show that these doctors are very sociable people and highly regard professional work ethics.

Let our good Bellaire Emergency Room doctors treat you?

Are you in Bellaire and are looking for the best ER doctors to call upon whenever emergency strikes? Well, look no further than Bellaire Emergency Room. Give us a call today for more information on the services we have on offer.

Can emergency room give cortisone?
Can emergency room give cortisone? 150 150 bellaireurgent

Can emergency room give cortisone?
Can emergency room give cortisone? This is a common question which surfaces in online medical platforms and forums. Why is there a lot of controversy surrounding cortisone? Why does a cortisone shot have such a mix reputation? We take a look at what cortisone is, its benefits, side effects, controversy surrounding and most importantly if you can get a shot in a hospital.


Cortisone is a very strong steroid whose primary medical purpose is to reduce any inflammation and relieve pain. People suffering from both superficial and underlying inflammations of the skin and joints, look to cortisone for much needed reprieve.

Cortisone is commonly used to treat patients who have pain and inflammation which is as a result of infections such as bursitis, pseudo gout, arthritis and other infections. When used to suppress the pain caused by any of the above mentioned conditions, cortisone will control the inflammation and eventually the pain caused by the earlier inflammation will dissipate bringing forth the much needed relieve.

Now that cortisone looks and sounds like a lifesaver, why does it have such a mixed reputation? Why is there so much controversy surrounding its administration and usage? We take a look at the side effects of overusing cortisone and why it evokes mixed feelings in those who have used it in the past;

Why cortisone is so controversial

Although cortisone is well known for its pain- relieving exploits, it has to be noted that it equally causes quite a lot of controversy because of the many side effects associated with it. Here are some of the most common reasons why cortisone is infamous;

Side effects of cortisone use

Weakening of tendons

Because Cortisone is predominantly used to treat joint pains and inflammations, there is always a risk of injuring a tendon when the injection is being administered. Frequent cortisone injections make the tendon weaker and over time, the tendon degenerates through a medical condition referred to as tendinitis. It is therefore important to limit the number of injections as possible and space them out by months or even a year to avoid affecting the joint tendons.

Cortisone causes very painful flares

The other reason why people deem cortisone to be very controversial as a pain killer, is the surging pain which is experienced immediately after the injection is administered. If anything, this resulting flare is more painful than the original pain resulting from the inflammation.

Although the pain doesn’t last for long, it is very painful and if one can’t withstand such high magnitudes of pain, it will be very difficult for them to agree to get a similar injection in future.

Over-reliance has detrimental effects

Sportsmen often overuse cortisone to ease pain in their joint and this has been found to have detrimental health effects. Over a period of time, the cortisone ceases easing the pain and the body no longer responds to its introduction in the injured or inflamed area.

As such, it goes without saying that cortisone should be judiciously used and only administered by a qualified medical practitioner with the relevant expertise and experience. Failure to which one will incur very severe side effect.

So, having looked at the benefits of cortisone and its not-so-good side, can one get a cortisone shot in an emergency room?

Can emergency room give cortisone shot?

The answer is yes, emergency rooms can competently offer cortisone to the patients who need it. Its administration will however depend on a number of things. Before an emergency room practitioner gives a cortisone shot, he/she will have to be certain of the exact cause of the inflammation/pain, find out if the patient has had prior injections and whether cortisone has any known side effects on that particular patient.

If the practitioner establishes that it is safe to administer the injection, he/she will then clean the affected region with a disinfectant, ask the patient to relax his/her muscles to make administration of the injection easy and then he/she will carefully administer the shot.

In some complicated cases, Ultrasound Imaging is used to make it easier for the practitioner to administer the shot easily without injuring crucial tendons in the joint. This is always the most recommended means of administering the injection because the stakes involved are very high and room for error is very minimal.

Ensure you get the injection from a qualified practitioner

It is advisable to ensure that you only get a cortisone injection from a qualified practitioner in a recognized medical institution. However painful your inflammation may get, you shouldn’t try to administer the injection yourself-the stakes are too high.

Get safe cortisone shots from our qualified doctors in Bellaire Emergency Room

If you are looking for the best place to get a safe cortisone shot in Bellaire, give us a call here at Bellaire Emergency room and we will help you relieve that nagging pain without causing more damage to your tendons. Give us a call today for more information on the same.

Can emergency rooms help tooth pain?
Can emergency rooms help tooth pain? 150 150 bellaireurgent

Can emergency rooms help tooth pain?
Can emergency room help tooth pain? Can I go to the emergency room for a toothache? Well this is a question that most of us have had to contend with at one point in life. Does one have to wait for the dentist’s office to be open or can he or she get help from the nearest emergency room?

Toothaches can strike without warning and how painful are they when they hit! Their pain is intense and unbearable and the first thing that comes to mind is to get the pain sorted. This is where most people find themselves in a limbo, do they go to an emergency room or wait to go to their dentists? Well, to find out, we take a look at emergency rooms’ ability to handle tooth pains.

Can emergency rooms help tooth pain?

The answer to this question depends on the cause of the tooth pain. Before addressing emergency room’s ability to address tooth pains, it is therefore imperative to take a look at the most common causes of tooth pains.

Causes of tooth pains

Infections leading to cavities

Normally your teeth are protected with a thick layer of dental enamel which is one of the hardest substances in the human body. Your dental enamel is constantly under attack from the bacteria in your mouth that produce acid whenever you eat or drink something sugary or full of carbohydrates. Over time your enamel can become softer, allowing the bacteria to penetrate the interior part of the tooth.

The dentine layer lies directly underneath the tooth enamel and is much softer and more susceptible towards decay. Once the bacteria penetrate the tooth enamel and reach the dentine they will be able to eat away at this layer causing a cavity. The actual hole in your tooth might look quite small, but the cavity inside the tooth will gradually increase in size, and you might find that one day you bite down on that tooth and it simply crumbles away. Eventually the bacteria will penetrate to the pulp which contains all the nerves and blood vessels contained in teeth. The bacteria will feel on this pulp leaving a large cavity and exposing the nerves and blood vessels. This is why you feel the unbearable pain once your tooth is infected.


The other cause of tooth pains is the breaking or chipping away of the surface of the tooth. This can be as a result of an accident or weakening of the surface of the enamel protecting the tooth. When the chips away, it exposes the pulp cavity which has the vessels and nerves and this causes the searing pain which is experienced.

Sinus infections

Sometimes the pain you are experiencing might not be as a result of an infection or an injury to the tooth, it could be due to sinusitis which is an infection of the sinus.

Temporomandibular disorders

The other reason why you could be experiencing pain could be temporomandibular disorders. Conditions such as cancer, arthritis or even bruxism can result to temporomandibular disorders which can be experienced in form of tooth pains.

So, now that we have seen causes of tooth pains, can emergency rooms sort the pains? The answer is yes, emergency rooms are equipped to address simple nagging problems like toothaches.

In the event of a dental cavity, physicians in emergency rooms are able to administer painkillers and fill up the cavity. Emergency rooms can also address issues such as temporomandibular complications through minor surgeries.

It is advisable to report to the nearest emergency room if you are suffering from any form of tooth pain and accessing your dentist’s office is difficult. Contrary to popular opinion, you should not try and get over the counter medication to try and kill the pain-that will be just papering over the cracks and it can lead to serious complications.

Going to the emergency room will mean that you will get proper diagnosis and if there is a serious complication, you will be advised on the best course of action to take. If after diagnosis the emergency room deems that you require a certain dental procedure which is not on offer in the emergency room, they will refer you to the best dentist for the same or get in touch with your dentist about the same.

Let Bellaire Emergency take care of your tooth pains

Are you in Bellaire and are suffering from tooth pains? Well, do not hesitate to visit Bellaire emergency room for the best remedies and treatment of tooth pains. Our experienced medical practitioners are richly experienced in handling dental problems and will always offer the best treatment for your particular problem.

Give us a call today about tooth pains and any other medical emergency and we will gladly be of service to you.

What are emergency services?
What are emergency services? 150 150 bellaireurgent

What are emergency services?
What are emergency services? What is the scope of services offered in the various emergency rooms in the country? What can emergency rooms comfortably handle? What are some of the things you expect to find in emergency rooms?

Emergency room services

Emergency rooms in America are equipped to offer a variety of medical services to unscheduled patients who need urgent medical attention, surgical procedures and/or acute care. Because of the varied nature of the complications that are reported in these emergency rooms, the Ers need to be equipped to handle as many medical conditions as possible. Here are some of the most common services which you are likely to find in a typical emergency room in America;


In consultation, a patient is carefully diagnosed by the attending physician to ascertain the condition the patient presents with. The diagnosis may entail simple procedures whereby the doctor physically examines the entire body to diagnose any underlying problem. The consultation can also involve the patient asking questions and clarifications on the various complications that he/she might be encountering in their daily life.

Laboratory tests and other diagnoses

The other service that is offered in emergency rooms, is diagnosis. Diagnosis in emergency rooms is most of the time done through laboratory tests for blood, stool or urine to ascertain the nature of infection or complication that the patient is suffering from.

In some, cases the diagnosis may involve complex procedures using MRIs and CT-scans to observe the internal body structure of the patient. The use of MRIs and CT- scans is used to get a clear picture of the ailing body parts under the vast skin obscured by the many organs in the way.

Treatment of the various complications on offer

Based on the outcomes of the initial tests, the medical practitioners in the emergency room will settle on the best treatment approach. There are very many complications which emergency rooms are capable of treating or managing. The type of treatment that any specific emergency room is capable of offering, depends on the level of medical advancement of the said emergency room and the professional qualifications of the personnel running the emergency room.

From simple infection treatment to treatment of complex life-threatening complications, emergency rooms are the true embodiment of jack of all trades. Be it a simple nagging flu or an asthma attack which is quickly leaving you lifeless, there merely exists a medical condition which an emergency room can treat or at the very least, manage symptoms and stabilize the patient.


Surgery is also a major component of emergency rooms, offering services on neurosurgery to patients with neurological conditions and orthopaedic surgery dealing with the musculoskeletal system. Emergency rooms also offer paediatric surgery to children and plastic surgery to repair worn out tissues and facilitate re-growth of new cells and tissues in case of certain injuries such as acute burns.

Baby delivery services

Emergency rooms also offer delivery services, the highly skilled physicians doing their best to ensure safety of both the baby and the mother. Most emergency rooms engage in community paramedic programs whereby they indirectly offer medical services vast extended regions to patients who are unable to physically access the hospital. The next time your wife, sister or friend is on the verge of breaking her water, do not hesitate to take her to the nearest emergency room for the best delivery services.

Referral to higher institutions of treatment

The other important medical obligation of emergency rooms, is to refer patients to higher medical institutions for specialized treatment. In the event that a patient admitted in an emergency room is in a critical condition and needs specialized treatment in another institution, the physicians therein, will not hesitate to refer the patient to the said institution after stabilizing them in the best possible way.

The ultimate role of emergency rooms is to provide care to patients. This is achieved by provision of medication that help stabilize them. However, in case the patient‘s condition deteriorates or the facility is unable to provide the necessary medical care needed by the patient, a transfer is arranged to facilitate proper treatment in the most appropriate institution.

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What is an Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner?
What is an Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner? 150 150 bellaireurgent

What is an Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner?
What is an Emergency Room Nurse Practitioner? What are some of the responsibilities and duties of emergency room nurse practitioners? Why are E nurse practitioners very important in emergency medicine?

If you have gone to the emergency room, then you have obviously come across an ER nurse practitioner. These nurse practitioners are advanced-practice registered nurses who offer a holistic approach to patient care in emergency rooms and are trained to manage patients who are acutely ill or are in critical conditions.

In a layman’s language, a nurse practitioner is an advanced registered nurse with more expertise and experience in responding to emergencies. Having noted who nurse practitioners are, how does one become one? What are the educational prerequisites for one to become a nurse practitioner in the ER? Here is a look at the education and training requirements for one to become a nurse practitioner in an emergency room:

How to become a Nurse Practitioner

For one to become a nurse practitioner, he/she has to first of all complete an accredited nursing program and become a registered nurse. This may be achieved through holding a bachelor’s degree in nursing or an associate’s degree in nursing.

Once one is a registered nurse, then he/she must complete an accredited master’s degree or doctoral program for them to become full-fledged nurse practitioners. The transition from a registered nurse to a nurse practitioner takes some time because it is imperative for RNs to get valuable experience in emergency medicine before enrolling for the more advanced-degree program.

Actually, most institutions of higher learning, require that graduates have workplace experience before they can apply for masters. This prerequisite is aimed at ensuring that the graduates have garnered the much needed clinical experience and the day to day problem-solving skills. With this experience, it will be easier for the RN to transition to nurse practitioners.

Examination, Certification and Licensure

There are various bodies which are tasked with offering certificates to prospective Nurse Practitioners. The most common is the American Nurses Credentialing Center. To get certification from the ANCC, one doesn’t have to sit for an exam and the credentialing is done through portfolio assessment.

The other certification such as Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Neonatal Advanced Life Support might require sitting of an examination to ascertain the qualifications of the candidates.

Once the candidate has all the above mentioned certificates, he/she can then apply to the relevant state board for the work permit and license to work either in a public institution or in a private establishment.

Responsibilities and duties of an emergency room nurse practitioner

What does a typical emergency room nurse practitioner do on a daily basis? Emergency nurse practitioners have a plethora of responsibilities in and around the ER. Because of their qualifications, they are capable of handling a number of medical responsibilities and a lot is expected of them as a result.

Here are some of the most common duties and responsibilities of emergency nurse practitioners;


Emergency nurse practitioners are tasked with triaging the acuity of the various patients that come to the ER. They assess the conditions of the patients and award them medical priority subject to how severe their medical conditions are.

Diagnosing and prescribing

The Nurse Practitioners are also expected to diagnose various medical conditions and prescribe the relevant medicine.

Bedside procedures

Emergency nurse practitioners are still nurses and they are expected to carry out the traditional bedside nursing procedures in the emergency room. Some of these procedures include suturing, intubations, admitting patients, discharging patients and many other nursing responsibilities.

Interpreting diagnostic tests

As part of diagnosis of patient complications, nurse practitioners order and interpret diagnostic tests. Could be lab tests, x-ray tests, CT scans or any other form of diagnostic test. They are trained to interpret the tests and use them to offer treatment or refer the patients to specialists if the complications are beyond their medical jurisdiction.

Working with physicians to handle complex medical cases

Nurse practitioners collaborate with physicians to treat complex medical conditions. They are an integral part of complex surgeries and whenever the physician is away from the emergency room, they are capable of running the ER and treating the patients who come knocking.

Emergency Nurse Practitioner Salary

Emergency nurse practitioners are compensated very well. Depending on the state in which they work, emergency nurse practitioners can make anything between $99,099 and $118,631 every year. This means that a career as an emergency nurse practitioner is a rewarding one.

Here at Bellaire emergency room, we offer the best emergency room services and this is down to the caliber of medical practitioners we have working with us. We employ some of the best physicians and emergency nurse practitioners and the results are exemplary service delivery. If you are in Bellaire and are looking for the best emergency room for you and your family, give us a call and we will gladly be of service.

Where is emergency room near me?
Where is emergency room near me? 150 150 bellaireurgent

Where is emergency room near me?
Where is emergency room near me? What is the best emergency room near me? How do I find the best emergency room near me? These are some of the most common questions which people ask themselves when looking for the best emergency room near them to cater for their medical emergencies.

Emergency rooms are mushrooming across the country and rightly so. They play a very vital role in the healthcare industry and have helped ease the pressure from the traditional healthcare facilities. They are closer to people and are accessible at any time of the day.

Because of their importance, emergency rooms play an integral part in influencing people’s decision on the best neighborhood to reside in. When looking for a good neighborhood to move to, people look at the proximity of healthcare facilities and emergency rooms in particular.

Where is emergency room near me?

In the event that you have moved to a new location and haven’t located the best emergency room to call upon when you are in emergency situations, then worry not because here are tips on how to locate the best emergency room near you. Here is how to find the best emergency room near you;

How to find the best emergency room near me

Let Google help you find the best ER near you

If you are in a limbo about the best ER near you, dive online and let Google or any other search engine help you find a good ER near you. Use Google maps to pinpoint emergency room services.

Use the address and location information provided on the maps to contact the emergency room. Use the web address provided to visit the emergency room’s website and check out some of their services.

Make good use of Social media

A lot of emergency rooms have social media accounts nowadays and you should take advantage of this to find yourself a good ER near you. The beauty of using social media to find a service, is you get to read comments and reviews about the service provider.

However close the emergency room you find might be, if the reviews they are getting are not positive, avoid them like plague. Go through the comments on the emergency room’s social media posts and you will be able to get a feel of the quality of service they offer.

Get referrals from friends, family and neighbors

If you are new in an area, feel free to talk to your neighbors, friends and other family members living in the area to find a good emergency room near you. Get a couple of suggestions and recommendations and choose the one you feel is the most appropriate.

Talk to your family doctor or dentist

A lot of the time, your family doctor or dentist, will have an idea of where to find the best emergency room near you. Doctors, dentists and other physicians have professional connections and these help them refer patients to the right facility.

Even if your dentist or doctor won’t provide accurate locations of emergency rooms near you, they more often than not, will provide you with useful information you will need when looking for the best emergency room near you.

Take a drive around your neighborhood

Sometimes, all it takes to find the ideal emergency room near you, is a walk or drive around your neighborhood. Over 80% of all neighborhoods in America have a medical facility- an urgent care center, hospital or emergency room- within a 5 km radius. Chances are high therefore that if you take a drive around your place, you will stumble upon a couple of emergency rooms.

Knock on some doors

Once you have a list of emergencies rooms near you, it is time to knock on some doors. It is important to personally visit these emergency rooms to determine what the situation on the ground is like before making a decision.

Before settling on a given ER, there are a few considerations that you will have to make. Consider the proximity of the ER to your home and workplace, the state of the facility and equipment therein, the staffing of the ER, their payment options and other things like insurance.

In a nutshell, a good ER needs to be accessible both from your workplace and home, needs to be staffed by multidisciplinary emergency care experts, needs to be equipped with the latest technology and equipment, offer flexible payment services and offer complimentary services such as ambulance services.

Best emergency room in Bellaire

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