Are emergency room doctors good?

Are emergency room doctors good? 150 150 bellaireurgent

Are emergency room doctors good?
Are emergency room doctors good? Are ER doctors worth trusting? Are ER doctors any different from the doctors in conventional hospitals? Well, these are some of the questions that our patients here at Bellaire Emergency Room and we thought it wise to address the same in this blog post.

Are emergency room doctors good?

For starters, what quantifies a good doctor? What separates the chaff from the grain when it comes to differentiating between a good doctor and a rogue con that should be avoided at all costs? Well, there are very many attributes which one can use to judge the conduct of a doctor and conclude whether they make the cut or not. Here is a classification of the main attributes that should help you identify a good doctor from a not-so good rogue con;

Professional Qualifications

This is obviously the most important thing when it comes to sieving qualified professionals from the wannabes. Any doctor, be it an emergency room doctor or a doctor plying his trade in a conventional medical center, needs to have the relevant professional qualifications.

To become a doctor, one needs to excel in academics and undergo rigorous training in the relevant fields. One must pass all the relevant exams and satisfy the board of examiners that he/she has truly attained the skills and repertoire to practice medicine.


The other very important aspect that is used to weigh a doctor’s appropriateness to practice medicine in their respective fields, is their morals. Without morals, all the professional achievements and qualifications, equate to naught.

Just like in all professions, there is a code of conduct and ethics which guide doctors on the dos and don’ts. These are passed on from the instructors and lecturers in school. Beyond abiding by these professional ethics, good doctors need to have their own personal dignity and standards of behavior to scruple from indulging in any unprofessional acts.


The other important attribute that a good doctor needs to have within him/her is the art of sociability. Sociability in the sense that they need to be able to easily and seamlessly interact with their patients and workmates for the better of the former.

Medicine is not a profession for the extremely introverted or feint-hearted individuals. It is a profession that needs one to be in constant communication with other people and without good social skills, it is very easy for one to falter and fall in the dreaded category of bad doctors.

Proactive advocacy for patients and mentor other peers

At all times, a good doctors to be a proactive advocate for his/her patient and have an amicable relationship with his/her working mates. Doctors need to offer support not just to the patient but the patient’s family as well.

On mentoring fellow peers, a good doctor needs to be able to help other health professionals when need arises and also be willing to learn for others within the medical sphere.

So are emergency room doctors good?

Having looked at the attributes that make a good doctors, do our emergency room doctors fall into this admirable category? The answer is yes! Emergency rooms are some of the best, if not the best general physicians out there. Here are just but some of the reasons why emergency room doctors are regarded as some of the best;

Reasons why Emergency Room Doctors are good


Unlike most doctors who specialize in a specific area, emergency room doctors have diversified their service delivery and are able to offer more than one type of service to their patients. Since they are never sure of the next complication that walk through their doors, they need to be to be prepared to handle a good number of the common emergencies which people encounter in life.


Unlike other doctors who have their offices and can schedule their appointments with patients, emergency room doctors don’t have the benefit of choosing the right time to be in office and when to go for sundowners. As such, they are always prepared to respond to emergencies and are almost ever-available when called upon.

Great repertoire

As far as medical practitioners are concerned, there is no category that has as good a reputation as emergency room doctors. Thanks to their life-saving exploits, most patients regard them as demigods. They have earned themselves a very palatable reputation and it is not surprising that every year, the number of emergency room visits to emergency rooms across the country is burgeoning.

Amicable relationships with work mates

Without cordial working relationships with fellow emergency room staff, emergency room doctors wouldn’t be able to save the many lives that they save every year. This goes to show that these doctors are very sociable people and highly regard professional work ethics.

Let our good Bellaire Emergency Room doctors treat you?

Are you in Bellaire and are looking for the best ER doctors to call upon whenever emergency strikes? Well, look no further than Bellaire Emergency Room. Give us a call today for more information on the services we have on offer.

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