Application of the Nursing Process

Application of the Nursing Process 150 150 Tony Guo

Application of the Nursing Process

  • Nurses must begin relationship development with a substance abuser by examining own attitudes and personal experiences with substances.
  • It is necessary to use motivational interviewing since it uses skills such as empathy and reflection to explore the client’s motivation, strengths, and readiness for change.

Nursing Process: Assessment

  • Various assessment tools are available for determining the extent of the problem a client has with substances.
    • Drug history and assessment
    • Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment of Alcohol Scale
    • Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test (M A S T)
    • C A G E Questionnaire
      • Have you ever felt you should Cut down on your drinking?
      • Have people annoyed you by criticizing your drinking?
      • Have you ever felt bad or Guilty about your drinking?
      • Have you ever had a drink first thing in the morning to steady your nerves (Eye-opener)?
    • Dual Diagnosis
      • Clients with a coexisting substance disorder and mental disorder may be assigned to a special program that targets the dual diagnosis.
      • Program combines special therapies that target both problems.

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