AIDS : Immune system severely compromised

AIDS : Immune system severely compromised 150 150 Tony Guo


  • Immune system severely compromised
    • Infections
    • Malignancies
    • Wasting
    • HIV-related cognitive changes
  • Most useful screening tests detect HIV-specific antibodies and/or antigens
    • May take several weeks to detect antibodies (window period)
    • Performed using blood or saliva
    • Combination (4th generation) tests can detect HIV earlier
  • Laboratory studies
  • HIV progression is monitored by
    • CD4+ T-cell counts
      • CD4+ T-cell count provides a marker of immune function
    • Viral load
      • The lower the viral load the less active the disease
  • Abnormal blood tests are common
    • Caused by HIV, opportunistic diseases, or complications of therapy
      • Decreased WBC counts
      • Low platelet counts
      • Anemia is associated with ART
      • Altered liver function

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