10 Tips to Help Get Your Child’s Asthma Under Control

10 Tips to Help Get Your Child’s Asthma Under Control 150 150 bellaireurgent

10 Tips to Help Get Your Child’s Asthma Under Control
A third of all asthma patients in the US, are kids under the age of 13. This is a more than worrying trend because asthma management in children is one of the most tedious tasks any parent would want to contend with. And while managing the condition in adults proves to be more than a challenge, the task is even more challenging in children.

Managing asthma in children is very difficult because they literally depend on their guardians and parents to provide a solution once it attacks. Children can’t see the telling signs and prepare themselves and they don’t know what to do when the attacks persist.

As such, the honors are on you the adult and the rest of the family to equip yourself with knowledge on how to handle your kid’s asthma and help them lead a stress-free life. Although we understand that this can be challenging, we have put together top 10 tips to help you get your child’s asthma under control. Here are the tips, as provided by our physician;

10 Tips to Help Get Your Child’s Asthma under Control

Equip yourself with knowledge on asthma

Unless you, the adult has suffered from asthma in the past, you can’t quite understand what it feels like. It is therefore important to equip yourself with knowledge on what asthma is, the symptoms, medication and ways to reduce exposure to the triggers. Understanding asthma is the first step towards successful managing of your child’s condition.

Find your child the best possible asthma doctor

Once you are aware that your child is asthmatic, it is imperative to get him or her the best possible doctor. A good doctor will not only prescribe the medication required to manage the condition but will advise you on how to manage the condition at home.

Understand the triggers that cause the attacks

The other important thing that you need to understand as a parent of an asthmatic child, is what exactly triggers the attacks. Understanding these triggers will help you know how to limit your child’s encounters with these triggers.

Advise your child to stay away from these triggers

If your child is old enough to take instructions, you can warn them against interacting with the agents that trigger their asthma attacks. The triggers range anything from some scents to pollen grains. Explain to the child why the agents are harmful to them and the benefit of reducing contact with the said agents.

Act swiftly on the early warning signs

Asthma, just like many conditions, has early warning signs and you as a parent, should be able to tell when an attack is imminent and act swiftly. For you to be able to tell the early warning signs though, you’ll need to be very observant and watch your child over a long period of time.

The best thing once you suspect that an attack is imminent, you should call your doctor and seek advice on what to do. The earlier you do this, the better it is for your child.

Buy your child an inhaler and ensure he/she carries all the time

One important medication that is used to manage asthma, is an inhaler. Inhalers are used to suppress bronchospasm and they help to relax the lungs and open the airways. Seek advice from your doctor on the best inhaler to buy for your child and get it.

Once you have an inhaler, the next step is to explain the importance of the same to your child and make them understand the times when they need the inhaler. You can ask for assistance from your doctor on this subject as they are trained to pass this kind of information better.

Involve other people in managing the condition

Managing the condition of an asthmatic child, is not a one man task. It will need all hands of the household on deck. If all people in the household understand how to handle the possible eventualities, then responding to emergencies pertaining the child will be very easy.

Ensure you have a good quality emergency room on standby

Besides hiring a good doctor to offer medication and advice on how to handle the situation, it is important to ensure that you are aware of the nearest emergency room. Knowledge of the nearest emergency room will come in handy when emergency strikes at night and accessing your doctor is hard.

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