10 Attainable Healthy Eating Resolutions

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10 Attainable Healthy Eating Resolutions
How are your New Year resolutions coming along? Was changing your eating habits part of your New Year resolutions? If not, then it is not too late to squeeze it into the list of the resolutions which you can achieve because it is not only attainable but is for your own good.

Poor eating habits are part of the reason why millions of Americans are struggling with obesity and other lifestyle diseases today. Simple eating habits can also make the difference between an individual being productive in their profession and being termed lackluster.

Just like the resolutions you set at the turn of the year though, you can also vow to change your eating habits. There are many ways through which you can change your eating habit but for you to be successful in overhauling your current unhealthy habits, you will need to focus on a couple of them and be as disciplined as possible about maintaining them. Here are 10 attainable healthy eating solutions which will change your life for good;

10 Attainable Healthy Eating Resolutions

Avoid shopping and eating multi-ingredient foods

Foods that have more than 3 ingredients should be avoided at all costs. Natural foods with their nutrients still intact are way better than processed foods which are laden with different ingredients some of which are artificial. You should therefore avoid eating and shopping for such foods because they don’t have much nutritional value in your life.

Avoid shopping and eating branded foods

Don’t let the branding and packaging fool you. Your health shouldn’t be dictated by the TV commercials. Take time to understand the ingredients in all the foods you intend to buy before actually picking them up. This way, you will be shopping for a better life. The moment you unshackle yourself from such foods, you will realize that your health will improve drastically.

Eat as much fruits as you possibly can

If fruits are not part of your diet, it is time you made them part of your daily life. Fruits are full of vitamins and other vital vitamins and their value in the body cannot be stressed enough. When shopping for house supplies therefore, make sure fruits dominate your groceries, they will make a great difference in your life.

Drink as much water as possible

If drinking enough water is not part of your life, then you should reconsider. Lack of water affects your skin, increases food cravings, triggers headaches and generally makes you weak. It is therefore important to ensure that you drink at least 8 glasses of clean water in a day. It might sound too much, but that water will do you a lot of good. Make it habitual and you will reap the benefits later.

Seriously, eat natural healthy foods

Make a resolution to start eating healthy natural foods because this is good for your life as a whole. Yes, if you don’t eat healthy foods, then chances are that most aspects of your life will be affected. Unhealthy foods are the leading cause of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and obesity.

Eat healthy. Eat a balanced diet. Eat natural foods. Avoid junk and quick foods. This will not only make you healthier but will help you be more productive and honestly, more good looking.

Consider carrying your own lunch to work

If the food at your workplace is not healthy enough for you, do not hesitate to carry your own food from home. Carrying your own food will guarantee that you are eating a balanced diet which you prepared on your own. This is a resolution that will not only help you remain healthy but will save you a lot of money.

Watch your meal times

The other poor eating habit that affects a lot of people, is the fact that people don’t have stipulated eating times. Lack of specific meal-times means that you can eat anything at any particular time and this is essentially the root cause of poor eating habits.

Cook your own meals

This is a resolution that bachelors and bachelorettes need to make in particular. A lot of people living alone, prefer to grab a quick subway or something else rather than taking time to cook their own meals and this is as unhealthy as it gets. For a change, choose to cook your own meals and make your diet as balanced as possible. Start with breakfast for starters and sooner or later, you’ll be cooking your own lunch and dinner.

The number of sedentary lifestyle diseases is on the rise and the best way to curb these diseases, is by changing our diets and eating habits. Eat healthy and you will save yourself from a lot of agony and unwanted diseases.

If you need any advice on how you can alter you eating habits for a healthier you, then do not hesitate to give us a call here at Bellaire Emergency Room for advice on the same.

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